New App – faster, nicer, better

Every day, millions of people are studying with card2brain on their PCs, tablets, and smartphones, while they are out and about, at home, at school or at work 🙂

To make studying along the way even more fun, we have updated the mobile app to the latest technology and completely redesigned it together with our Premium Partner PostFinance.

Gradual rollout for all platforms

The apps for iOS and Android are already available; the Windows Phone 8 version is currently getting the final touch.

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iOS App Store


We are keen on receiving your feedback.

The app for state-of-the-art teaching

«Bring Your Own Device» and «Flipped Classroom» are the new concepts that are currently finding their way into many schools. Lately, we launched the Teacher subscription with group features to endorse these new ways of teaching, and have now also integrated the groups into the mobile app.

An overview of the subscriptions, prices and features you will find here.

Upgrade to Teacher

Teacher Plan Out Now

learngroupBuild your own virtual classroom with the Teacher subscription.

The simplified sharing saves you time issuing flashcards and always keeps you on top of things.

You can create groups, invite member, add sets of flashcards to groups and manage your classroom together.

More features, same price

The new group features including all Basic and Premium features are available at the previous Premium price of CHF 66 per year.

The tried and tested Premium package only costs CHF 22 per year.

You may test both subscriptions during a total of 30 days for free.

An overview of the subscriptions, prices and features you will find here.


Simplified sharing

The Teacher subscription enables you to share your sets of flashcards with a large number of people in a fast and simple way. You only have to…

  1. Create a group
  2. Copy the desired e-mail addresses into the entry field as a list under “Invitations”
  3. Invite people
  4. Add sets of flashcards to the group
Multiple invitations to join the group
Share a set of flashcards with the group

All persons joining the group have access to all sets of flashcards depending on the authorisation they were given.


Manage groups and flashcards together

With a Teacher subscription, you may assign different roles or grant rights to other persons at the set of flashcards level as well as at the group level.

Group level

The role and authorisation concept summarised:

  • Student (group) = See members and roles, access the sets of flashcards within the group depending on the rights at set of flashcards level
  • Teacher (group) = Invite persons, add sets of flashcards, analyse the study progress statistically
  • Admin (group) = all rights (total power)
  • Admin (set of flashcards) = all rights (total power)
  • Co-author (set of flashcards) = Study, edit and add flashcards
  • Fellow student (set of flashcards) = Only study flashcards
  • Public content of sets of flashcards may be studied by all users.

“Admins” and “Teachers” can only exercise their rights at group or set of flashcards level as long as they have a Teacher subscription.


Trial Period and Change of Subscription

Unless you have not already tested our subscription features, a 30-day subscription trial period starts once after upgrading to Premium or Teacher. You may cancel the subscription trial any time without any cost.

During the trial period, you may switch back and forth between the Premium and Teacher subscriptions.

Without notice, we will debit the annual fee for the subscription you chose last after 30 days.

The 12 months subscription period only starts once the annual fee has been debited.

If you want to upgrade from Premium to Teacher after the annual fee has been debited, do not hesitate to do so. The remaining Premium subscription period will be taken into account proportionally to the difference in price (3:1) for the Teacher subscription. For example, 30 Premium days are equivalent to 10 Teacher days.

Subscription Management on the Platform

Subscription management

When you log on to, your current subscription status and the period of validity of your subscription are displayed under “My subscription”. In the subscription summary, you can up- or downgrade any time or cancel your subscription with a simple mouse click.

There is no need for any additional communication between you and us regarding the notice, as your subscription status is updated immediately.